Terms and Conditions

1. Regulations

This terms and conditions (the “Terms” or “Terms and Conditions” indistinctively) rule the access and use by any person of the applications and/or websites made available by Versacomics S.A. de C.V., or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated (the “Company” or “Akaya” indistinctively), and its contents and products, which may include enunciatively, all kind of literary works, comics, mangas, images, videos, animated gifs, links or any analogue content and/or product (the “Contents”) and the services mentioned afterwards (the “Services”) and the Contents and Services offered or that shall be offered through the website https://akayamedia.com, the application named Akaya App and/or any means belonged to Akaya (together, the “Platforms”). Therefore, any person whom intent to access or use the Platforms or the services offered, shall read this Terms prior and carefully. Akaya reserves the unilateral right to, at any moment and without prior advice, modify, add or eliminate this Terms, the Platforms, Contents and Services configuration.

2. Legal Relationship

The persons who introduce, accede or use the Platforms, its Contents or the Services offered in such, will be automatically constituted as users of the Platforms (either the “User” or “Users”). Through the Platforms access and use of its services, the User agree to legally bond with this Terms and Conditions, which established a legal and bonding relationship between the User and the Company.

The User acknowledge that by clicking in the acceptance box, the User will be granting its approval with this Terms and its effects. If the User do not absolute and completely accept this Terms, the User shall abstain to click in the acceptance box.

3. Users Declarations

El Usuario de las Plataformas declara y reconoce que: (i) es una persona física con capacidad suficiente para obligarse y solicitar la prestación de servicios de la Sociedad, de conformidad con estos Términos y Condiciones; (ii) en caso de utilizar las Plataformas en representación de una persona moral, su representante manifiesta contar con la legitimación y facultades suficientes para representarla, declarando que no le han sido limitadas, modificadas o revocada en forma alguna; (iii) reconoce que todas las transacciones y/o actos que sean realizadas en las Plataformas por sí mismo o por un tercero, serán atribuibles al Usuario de las Plataformas; (iv) acepta recibir avisos comerciales de cualquier naturaleza; (v) las Plataformas pueden contener publicidad o links que dirijan al Usuario a plataformas pertenecientes a terceros ajenos, por lo que el Usuario reconoce y acepta que la Sociedad no será responsable en forma alguna de los contenidos de dichas plataformas; (vi) para el acceso y uso de las Plataformas, así como para la introducción de los Contenidos en las Plataformas, el Usuario deberá crear una cuenta para dichos efectos, siendo el Usuario el único responsable del uso de la referida cuenta; (vii) en caso de introducir Contenidos, manifiesta ser la propietaria de los todos derechos de propiedad intelectual aplicables a dichos Contenidos; (viii) reconoce que la Sociedad únicamente presta un servicio de intermediación entre los Usuarios para la introducción, uso y/o descarga de los Contenidos en las Plataformas, por lo que la Sociedad no será responsable en ningún momento del contenido de los referidos Contenidos; (ix) cualquier mal uso de las Plataformas o sus Contenidos, será responsabilidad exclusiva del Usuario; y (x) que si cualquiera de la información proporcionada a la Sociedad o las declaraciones aquí contenidas carecen de veracidad, así como el incumplimiento a cualquiera disposición establecidas en esto Términos, el Usuario será responsable de los daños y perjuicios que le cause a la Sociedad, sus accionistas, sus funcionarios, sus representantes o sus empleados, incluyendo sin limitar multas y cualquier clase de sanciones, obligándose a sacarlos en paz y a salvo de cualquier reclamación o procedimiento iniciado en contra de los antes mencionados.

4. Restrictions and Platforms Characteristics

a) Exclusive Site for the Platforms Users. Any person may visit and consult the Platforms, nonetheless only the Users may use the Platforms and use and download its Contents.

b) Introduction of Contents in the Platforms. Only the Users may introduce Contents to the Platforms, in the understanding that the introduced Contents shall be sole and exclusive responsibility of the User who introduce it. The Company reserves the right to, discretionally at any moment and without prior advice, modify, add or eliminate any product and/or content in the Platforms.

5. Platforms Use

The User shall accede and use the Platforms, pursuant the applicable laws, morality, and public order in the country where the User accede to or use the Platforms and pursuant to this Terms and the Platforms or Company’s policies; thus the User shall not use the Platforms to execute any unlawful conducts, harmful to the rights or interests of third parties or contrary to what is established in this Terms or also any conduct that may damage, make unusable, overcharged or deteriorate the Platforms or prevent other Users to normally use them, therefore if the case, the Company shall be entitled to discretionally and immediately suspend the User’s account, derived from any attempt or suspicion of the beforementioned conducts, granting a term of 7 (seven) days tailed from the account suspension, in order for the User to remedy such conduct. The beforementioned is independent to the actions that the Company may execute against the Users.

The use of the Platforms is subject to restrictions and do not include, among other, the following uses: (i) products reselling or any other commercial conduct with the Platforms or its Contents; (ii) any modifications, adaptations, translations, engineer reversions or conversions of any digital or computer program existing in the Platforms. The User will be authorized only to use the HTML code or any other code of the Platforms in the same form in which the User receive it through its navigator or operator; the User shall not be entitled to make available the codes to third parties; (iii) copy, imitate, replicate for its use in mirror servers, reproduce, distribute, publish, download, display or transmit in any kind or through any mean any content in the Platforms (including any kind of intellectual property such as trademarks). This restriction includes enunciatively, the following: electronic or digital means, mechanical, photocopy, recording or any other mean; (iv) summarize and use any contents or contents descriptions; (v) do any kind of modifications to the Platforms and/or the contents of the Platforms or sell off any work derived from such materials; or (vi) use any mechanism or automatized instrument (including: limitless bots, spiders or any others) or any similar technology with the intention or as a consequence of the Platforms contents’ or any other information or personal information related with the Users, the Company or the Platforms.

Except for the use of the Platforms that have been use authorized in this Terms, it is noted that the Company do not grant to the User, any rights or licenses in order for the User use any patent, trademark, copyrights, access rights, use the data base or any other intellectual property right belong to the Company or any other Users or third parties in the terms of the applicable law (including copyrights and industrial property). It is forbidden for the User to use meta-tags or hidden texts which includes the name, trademarks or the product names or the Contents without the prior written consent from the Company and/or the owner of the referred information.

6. Services Description

The Company shall provide to the Users, among others, the use, introduction, and download of the Content, through the direct or indirect access and/or use of the Platforms through the global network known as internet (World Wide Web or www) and the mobile or web application Akaya App in order to offer intermediary services. The Users will provide the downloadable content. The Company reserves the right to, discretionally at any moment and without prior advice, modify, add or eliminate any product and/or content, presentation and configuration of the Platforms. The use of the Platforms and the Contents is under the sole and exclusive risk of the Users.

7. Content and Users Conduct

The Users may introduce any Content in the Platforms, in the understanding that the Company does not guarantee any confidentiality related to the Content.

The User shall be the sole and only responsible for the Content’s content and for any legal consequence derived from the introduction and publishing of the Content.

The Company shall not vend or redistribute the Content to any third party, unless the User grants its authorization. Nonetheless, the User acknowledge that it may be published any kind of advertisement with the Content.

8. The Company Services

The User may access to the Platforms for free.

Nonetheless, unless otherwise is established, the User acknowledge that through the Platforms, may be offered services or products which may be use only by the payment of a compensation.

9. Copyright and Industrial Property

The User acknowledge that the Platforms and any other software used to access the Platforms may contain confidential and alien information that could be or not protected by copyright, patent and trademark legislation or any other applicable law.

Excluding the authorized and specified for such purposes by the Company, the Users shall not modify, copy, render, lend, sell, commercialize, distribute, or create new content using the information or Content in the Platforms.

Every and each of the names, sign, domains, advertisements, and any other copyright on a literary work related to the Company or used in the Platforms, are intellectual property of the Company.

The Users shall not reproduce, duplicate, sell, or exploit for economic purposes, the whole or any portion of the Platforms Contents.

Any wrongful use of the Platforms, shall be the User’s sole responsibility for the entirely damages caused to the Company, its shareholders, personnel, represents or its employees including, enunciatively fines and any kind of sanctions, having the obligation to take hold them harmless from and against any claim or procedure initiated against them.

The User hereby states and guarantees that: (i) Is the owner of all the copyrights, licenses, permissions, or possess the authorization to introduce or publish the Content in the Platforms; (ii) all the Content introduced in the Platforms is an original idea and of its own authorship, and the Content is not a full or partial copy of another work and do not violates or infringe any kind of copyright, or intellectual property rights.

The User agrees that the introduced Content in the Platforms does not contain copyright, intellectual or industrial rights from a third party, unless the User have the appropriate legitimacy, permission, and/or authorizations to use them.

The User shall be the responsible of all the damages caused to the Company, its shareholders, personnel, represents or its employees including, enunciatively fines and any kind of sanctions, having the obligation to take hold them harmless from and against any claim or procedure initiated against them, derived from any unfulfillment of the beforementioned.

10. Copyright, Intellectual or Industrial Rights Violations and Procedure

If the User or any third party consider that any of the Contents contained or introduced in the Platforms violates its intellectual or industrial rights, the User shall submit a notification to the Company to the email akaya@akayamedia.com, providing the following information: 1. Personal information (name, address, phone number, email address). 2. The intellectual property’s owner or representative signature and its personal information. 3. The precise and complete indication of the protected content infringed and the localization of the Content in the Platforms or any other application. 4. An express and clear statement stating that the Content has been introduced into the Platforms without the owner consent. 5. An express and clear statement of the intellectual property owner, stating under its own responsibility that the information delivered is truthful and the Contents introduction to the Platforms is a violation to its copyrights, industrial or intellectual rights.

11. The Use of Content

The Company acknowledge that they are not the intellectual property rights owners.

In order to make the Contents available, herein the User authorizes the Company for advertising purposes through the Platforms or any other mean, the free use of the Contents and the information provided in the Platforms by the Users, such as name, preferences or bibliographic information.

12. Termination

The User agrees and accept that the Company may terminate or suspend discretionally, whole or part of the services at any moment and without any prior notification and/or judicial decree. The Users acknowledge that the Company shall not be responsible before the Users or third parties for the mentioned suspension or termination.

13. Service Policies

The User acknowledge and agree that the Company may establish, at any moment and without prior notification, general and specific policies, practices and limitations regarding the Services, on the condition that the Company publish them in the Platforms.

14. Limitations of Liability

The Company do not guarantee that any error in the Platforms is or will be partial or totally corrected.

The Company will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, moral or special damage derived from the Platforms use.

The User acknowledge and accepts that any commentary, opinion, content or product introduced in the Platforms by any User or third party, is their sole and exclusive responsibility.

15. Applicable Legislation

The Users grant their express and irrevocable acceptance that this Terms and the legal relation between the User and the Company, will be ruled and interpreted under by the Mexican laws, agreeing to submit to the jurisdiction of Mexico City courts, resigning to any other jurisdiction that could correspond them regarding their present or future legal domiciles.

16. Resigns

If the Company do not execute any right or provision foreseen in these Terms or any covenant, will not constitute any waive to such right or provision, unless the prior written Company recognition and acceptance.

17. Effectiveness and Interpretation

If any provision contained in this Terms is declared invalid by any competent court or tribunal or is impossible to fulfill, the parties agree to request the court or tribunal to grant such provisions the effects in accordance to the intention of the parties. Nevertheless, the other provisions contained in this Terms shall remain in complete and full effectiveness and legal force.

18. Claims

Any claim derived from the or related with this Terms or the Platforms, services and applications use, have to be submitted within the following month of the date in which the incident occurred, under the penalty of losing its rights if not submitted in the beforementioned term. Notwithstanding the foreseen in any applicable legislation or previsions, the User agrees with the terms contained herein.