If I upload my comic, will I still have the rights to it?

Of course! You have the right to do whatever you want with your own work, meaning you can publish it on other platforms or delete it whenever you want. For more information, you can take a look at our terms and conditions here 👉 https://akayamedia.com/en/creadores/ . If you have any additional questions you can send us a message and we’ll gladly get back to you! 😉

Can I upload fancomics or comics with existing characters?

Because of legal reasons, we cannot publish series that use registered Intellectual Property. We wish to encourage our creators’ creativity, which is why we’re a platform focused on original content.

Can I earn money by uploading my comic on your platform?

We are currently in the process of establishing a monetization system for artists, but it’s still in development so stay tuned!

Is there a NSFW category?

Series with suggestive content or directed towards mature audiences will go into the NSFW genre, but because of App Store guidelines, explicit nudity or scenes cannot be displayed on the app.

Why isn’t my series appearing in the app?

When you upload a new chapter, it must be reviewed by our team. After it’s been approved, it will appear in the app.

Is there a way to see my comic’s read counts? Can readers like or comment on my series?

We’re currently in the process of launching new features to allow creators visibility of their work’s statistics, as well as community features so that readers can encourage and support creators. Please look forward to them!

Is there a language requirement for my comic?

When you upload your comic, you can select the language it is written in, English or Spanish. If you want to upload your series in a second language, you must create a new series.

Is there a specific requirement for the uploading schedule? Is there a minimum of chapters that must be uploaded?

You can upload your series at your own pace! If you already have chapters ready to be published, you can upload them in one go and schedule a publication date. Or if you prefer, you can also publish them in one go.

Can I upload light novels or similar written pieces?

Por el momento estamos enfocados en cómics, manga y webcomics. Sin embargo, viendo el interés que han mostrado por las novelas ligeras, lo estamos viendo como un posible proyecto a futuro.